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Who am I?
I am PAniC Rayne, 17, aspiring artist :D I feel unnecessarily enigmatic at times, 'cause of that I tell very few people online my real name and my face ^^;

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Diverse... Mostly Original Pinoy Music (OPM)
Favourite style of art: Manga, Semi-realistic, traditionally drawn and digitally colored
Operating System: Nocturnal, I like working at night :D
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: What am I, a snail?
Wallpaper of choice: I don't really put paper on my walls XD
Skin of choice: Ummm... Human Flesh?
Favourite cartoon character: Solid Snake. Hey.... are you okay? Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!
Personal Quote: There's nothing wrong with being ambitious, even in a time where dreaming is looked down upon!
  • Listening to: Loonie, Canibus, hiphop, jazz, love songs, RNB,etc
  • Reading: OnePiece, The Notebook, News Articles, Ichigo 100%
  • Watching: FlipTop, KOTD, The Walking Dead, movies, etc.
  • Playing: Dragon Nest, Pen&Paper, Guitar, DotA
  • Eating: Generally unhealthy stuff
  • Drinking: Lots of water 'cause I dont wanna get dengue again
Ugh, how do I even start....

Hey guys, this is Rayne, do you still remember me? :lol: Just kidding, how've you guys been? It has been... a very, very, very, very, VERY long time since I logged back in here, I have a lot of dust and cobwebs to clean, and people I need to PM (who, hopefully still consider me a friend). I've just been really busy with IRL, I don't even regret it, I've been going through the best and absolute worst of times (so yeah, I've on a really wild ride), the only thing I regret is not having enough time to draw..... and not having time to check you guys out, almost forgetting about you. A lot of you guys (:iconstromgradedragon:) are probably busy IRL too, with the same things as me, so you probably know what I've been going through, I don't even know if you have time to read this and I understand that :lol: I always tell others that they have nothing to be sorry about since real life ALWAYS takes top priority, but I guess I just owe you guys an apology for not keeping in touch ^^; You guys and this site are very important to me, helped me get through my antisocial high school years by giving me things to get busy with, people to interact with in the absence of my RL buddies, ways to express myself and bring out my emotions, and most importantly, dreams..... well its been put on hold for now, got a lot of important matters with my life to deal with :lol: So, yeah, I just feel obliged to holla at you guys and see how you've been doing :)

So what's up? I have just survived another year in this forsaken course known as Engineering :D I like how I've managed to keep my schedule balanced (like, no conflicts with my day-to-day activities, no excessively long breaks and I've managed to keep the hard math subjects on separate days) with a good combination of professors, that way I only had to worry about 1 or 2 difficult subjects while the rest was pretty much a cakewalk! I've finally redeemed myself in Physics 2 and made a miraculous comeback on Integral Calculus during the finals, despite everyone losing hope and thinking that we were bound to FAIL. And the part about that comeback that made me happiest is that I did most of it with my own hard work, proving to myself that I have what it takes when I actually take my reviews seriously :D Well, I did resort to some "tricks" on the last eight questions (everyone was doing it anyway, even the geniuses) 'cause of some sudden, completely unrelated, emotional stuff..... which I might discuss some other time.

My batchmates might not appreciate it, but I like having minor subjects unrelated to our course, like Philosophy, Sociology, and Rizal, I like being able to study some trivial things for a change, to get my mind out of the constant number-crunching (specially since I fucking HATE math), plus thanks to that, I got to do fun things that we never would've done in more important subjects, like going out to shoot documentaries, watching movies inside the classroom, doing skits, and COMPOSING RAPS, BOO YA! :lol:

We're mad anxious about what to expect this upcoming semester since its almost gonna be nothing but MAJOR subjects, plus I've been hearing some nasty rumors about certain terror profs that we have to avoid NO MATTER WHAT, so yeah, next sem is probably gonna be like playing in God Mode, wish me luck :lol:

The most memorable part of last sem would be.... Ara. I just met some really wonderful girls, but from other courses, of course, since its nearly impossible to find females who are girlfriend material in Engineering. She was, like, the dream girl seatmate that I have been waiting for these past four semesters. Of course, it ended in sad failure AGAIN, but I'm just really happy to have met her, and I hope the best for her :) I'll discuss more details into it when I post some new deviations... Yes, I have still been drawing a bit, but not as often as before, because of reasons stated above. I guess the inspiration probably helped me to push through hard times.... I wonder how I'm gonna fare next semester without it.

Now, I'm on vacation, but still pretty busy doing certain stuff like working out, attending driving school (I'm 18 now, and really excited to get my own car and license), planning wild outings with my buddies (how wild, you ask? MOUNTAIN HIKING + white sand beaches, participating in mass protest, going to provinces and shooting a documentary about PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES, and more, ALL IN TWO MONTHS... its so outrageous I don't even know if its possible :lmao:), looking for work in call centers so I can improve my English (so I can talk to that hot foreigner who's recently become a regular customer in our internet cafe), earn some money for myself for them hip-hop events and for my future car (I can't be borrowing money for gasoline now, can I?), collecting music, watching and reading stuff, and generally trying to be as busy as I can to forget about a certain someone....

BTW I'm part of the 18 roses for Rio's 18th birthday (you probably remember her from my past drawings), it's gonna be my first time, I'm just really happy she remembers me (I thought I wasn't even gonna be invited since we haven't talked for like ages) and that I actually had a big enough part of her life for her to consider me as such.... :) Well, the feelings of the past have subsided now, and now we really are just friends, it feels comfortable to be able to talk to her for hours about random topics and general nonsense, and insult each other endlessly (trust me, I've leveled up when it comes to insulting people due to my constant watching of rap battles), interacting with her just like I used to in high school :D


So yeah, that's about it, everything I've been up to this year... *whew thank god the long rant has ended* :XD: I'll be posting some new old drawings later, I'll try to PM you guys one by one, and I'll try to keep in touch every now and then :) By the way, if you wanna see the other stuff I've been up to, add me up on Facebok, I'm much much more active in there, you might wanna see by Documentary About Student Activism (and here's Part 2, its in my gallery.... I set it on public, but I don't know if non-friends can access it through my profile, I don't remember exactly what kind of tweaks I've been doing with it :XD: This is Pluto.... I mean, Rayne signing off! :)



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IishNotHome Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You.are.amazing. hindi ako makapaghintay kung meron ka nang mapublish na sarili mong manga dito sa dA o kaya naman sa ibang networks!! > w <)/♡ btw may fb ka? Lolz ||D
tsunaboy Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
and you say you watch rapbattles, right? FLIPTOP? anyone? (sorry if i am very obsessed with you its just that your the first filipino artist i found in DA) :D
PAniC-Rayne Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Hello! Sorry 'bout the late reply, this is the first time in months that I logged in to check my account. Kung hindi ko naisipang mag-log in siguro, baka nabaon na sa limot 'tong message mo hahaha.

I don't really draw anymore due to certain reasons, but I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. :) So how long have you been here? Yes, I watch rap battles, a LOT of it. FlipTop, and foreign leagues like URL and KOTD, it's my current object of interest. How 'bout you? :)
tsunaboy Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
HI! It's Ok actually and i did'nt really think you would answer anyway,kaya sa tingin ko nung una di mo na to mababasa eh hehe

What do you mean by reasons? And also thank you,Well I have been her in the PH since I was born, But if by "here" you were talking about deviantart then I have been here for about less than a month actually. So, have you already watche apeks vs. smugglaz? The one where smugglaz fell off?XD And finally for that last question you asked, ny current interest is anime,drawing, and manga. I have a question though.. where do you buy G-pens,Nib-pens etc. here in the PH?
tsunaboy Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
so your from the phillippines huh? So am I! my birthday is on march 1 btw (i said my birthday cuz i found out that your b-day is on march 10)
rozel24 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh ustah na tol? hahaahXD
AlexaClyne Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
TAG 8D [link]
Kaspell Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there dude! Thanks for the faves :D
PAniC-Rayne Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
You're welcome, man, and keep up the good work! :D
polar27 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011   Traditional Artist
Happy birthday dude! :hug: Haven't talked to you in a while :(
Hope everything is swell! Have a great day
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